Trove Tuesday: Human Fallibility Eliminated

Did you know that Alvis eliminated human fallibility? I mean, I know they're a 'sweet ride', but that is one claim too far!

1926 'ALVIS.', The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954), 6 November, p. 28, viewed 24 February, 2015,

My family have a 'thing' for Alvis cars - have done since Grandpa Max bought his first one years ago. He even made a business out of it in 1973, one that my Dad now runs - Vintage Motor Garage.

1937 Alvis Speed 25, ground up restoration - the new replica Charlesworth Drop Head Coupe was made by VMG

There are a quite a few photos of Alvis cars to be found through Trove, but one of my favourites would be this one from the State Library of Queensland of a 12/50 showing its owner D.M. Bryce, with his dog, in mud on the banks of Bluebush Creek near Winton in Queensland.

Unidentified. (2005). D.M Bryce with His Alvis 12/50 Racing Car in the Mud, 1936. 

The description is excellent too!

Description:D.M. Bryce with his dog and his pale blue and red Alvis racing car, purchased from L.F. Bode in 1936. The Alvis is a 12/50 model from 1924/25 with an aluminium racing body. The 12/50 was powered by a 1500cc four cylinder overhead valve engine developing 50 brake horsepower and was known for it's brisk performance and longevity. The British Alvis was very successful in racing in the 1920's both at home and in Australia. In this photograph the car is far from the race track on the banks of flooded Bluebush Creek at Colston Shed in the Winton district. It is fitted with chains on the rear wheels to provide better traction in the soft and slippery mud, taking advantage of it's light weight to avoid bogging down.

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