Trove Tuesday: Playing with @TroveNewsBot

I LOVE the new @TroveNewsBot by Tim Sherratt (aka @wragge).

Built using the Trove API (which I had to read all about and think I understand), Tim has created the ultimate Trover's procrastination tool!
@BranchesLeavesP 12 Nov 1913: 'CAB FARES FOR 1914.'
— TroveNewsBot (@TroveNewsBot) June 23, 2013

All you have to do is tweet @TroveNewsBot hello and you will get back a random newspaper article, and a nice greeting.

Or you can just tweet @TroveNewsBot #luckydip to receive back a random newspaper article - in the example above, I also put in a year and it sent back a random article from that year! Which I took as an invitation to correct some text for Trove... and to read the rest of that page...

Any other message tweeted to @TroveNewsBot is sent off to Trove to find a matching result in the newspaper database. Tim had fun asking the database for child rearing advice and collecting the results!

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