Trove Tuesday: Finding Books and Photos ... Not Just Dead People

We can easily get obsessed with just using Trove to find obituaries and death notices (well, I do, anyway). But Trove is also a great place to start when you are looking for an obscure book, or a photo of the church your great-grandparents were married in, or the ship they emigrated in.

Some examples of what I've found:

Manly Congregational Church - a photo held by Manly City Council:

Congregational Church, Sydney Road, Manly (Image Owned by Manly City Council) retrieved via Trove

Theologically Amazed: A Gallery of Hand Drawn Mazes - a book written by my brother, Tobias John Houston:

Parkesbourne, A Journey into the Past by G. Weatherstone - a book that includes plenty of information about my family history, but was self-published, so it is quite hard to get a copy of it.

What have you found?

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