An Unplanned Sabbatical Was a Very Good Thing

I just wanted to let you all know I'm sorry about the unplanned sabbatical... well, I'm sorry I didn't update you all sooner, but I'm not sorry about the sabbatical!

I've been in Mozambique visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and darling niece and nephew!

My parents, very generously, and very last minute, were able to buy me a ticket to join them on a visit. All we can say really is that God is gracious in His timing and His gifts, and all worked together to get me there in time for Christmas.

As my last Christmas before my wedding in 6 weeks and four days (ARGHHHHHH - so much to do!), it truly was a blessing to be able to spend that time with my only sibling and his family (as well as my parents and friends).

I did a few exciting things while I was there, including a visit to the maternity hospital to hand out baby bundles. I brushed off my very limited Portuguese so I could go capulana (a length of material used for skirts, wraps, baby carrying, etc etc) shopping in the market (I am really good at asking how much - qanto custa - but not so good at understanding the answer), and played with my niece and nephew until I was exhausted (a daily occurrence - how is it that toddlers have SO much energy?). I also learnt how to sew, thanks to my very talented and patient quilter sister-in-law and an awesome skirt pattern that was in my Mum's head. We also ate dinner in a village where we spoke English, my brother translated to Portuguese and then his language helper translated to Chiyao (Yao tribal language) for his mother (our hostess), and then back again. Despite the language barrier, we discussed some pretty amazing things.

All the capulanas I came home with! Well, I had to fill my suitcase with something once I'd given the kids their Christmas presents and re-stocked my brother's supply of Mint Slice biscuits and Dairy Milk!