The Nimmo's of Liverpool: Part 1

I said in my last blog post, What’s in a name? Nimmo, that I would tell you about ‘my’ Nimmo’s. Since there is so many, this is just the beginning…

John Nimmo, Baker of 5 Crosshall Street, Liverpool, and his wife Susannah had at least five children: William, Jessie, Robert, Thomas Carter, and Archibald. To keep each blog post manageable in size, I am going to cover each of John and Susannah Nimmo’s children separately.

William Nimmo

It appears from the Census records that William was born in Scotland in about 1818, and whilst I know his father was John Nimmo, it is possible that Susannah was his step-mother.

Unfortunately, I have not found a baptism record, in England or Scotland, for William.

On 13 August 1839, he married Lilley Craven, who was also born in Scotland, the daughter of George Craven, an Iron Founder, at St Peter's after banns.

William was a Baker, like his father, and at the time of his marriage was living in Wood Street, Liverpool.

William and Lilley Nimmo had most of their children baptised at St Nicholas' in Liverpool.
William and Lilley Nimmo had another daughter, also called Lilley, baptised in St Bartholomew, Vauxhall, by James Ellison on 7 March 1855 when they were living on Cazneau Street.

I have found them in the 1851 Census, living in the sub-registration district of St Martin in Liverpool. Their household was made up of William, still a Baker, Lilley, and their children John (aged 11), Archibald (aged 5), and William (aged 2).

A decade later, in the 1861 Census, they are living in the sub-registration district of Toxteth Park in Liverpool. The household is now made up of William, Lilley, Archibald, and Lilley (aged 6). William is still a Baker, and so is their son Archibald, now aged 15.

In 1871, their household is much diminished, with just William (still a Baker) and Lilley, now aged 53 and 58 respectively, living together on Northumberland Street, Toxteth Park in Liverpool.

I know there is more to William and Lilley’s story, but my line does not come this way, so I haven’t researched it yet! If you know more, and you want to share it, please leave a link to the information or a comment below.

And tune in next time for a blog about Jessie Nimmo, John and Susannah’s daughter.