The Nimmo’s of Liverpool: Part 3

As I said in my post, The Nimmo’s of Liverpool: Part 1, I am writing a separate post for each of the children of John Nimmo, Baker of 5 Crosshall Street, Liverpool, and his wife Susannah. Today, we will have a look at Robert Nimmo.

Robert Nimmo

Robert Nimmo was baptised with his sister Jessie on 16 June 1822 at St Peter’s by P. Bulmer, Curate.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find anything else conclusive about him.

Were he and Jessie twins? Or were they just close in age? Was Robert a weak infant from the start, and die like so many others?

The infant mortality rate in Liverpool at the time of Robert’s birth was particularly high, like in many rapidly industrialising towns, and whilst exact figures are hard to determine, the modelling suggests that the rate could have been as high as three deaths (before the age of one) out of every ten live births.

Or did he catch an illness we now take immunity against for granted, like measles or chicken pox? Or did he die in 1832, when there was a cholera epidemic in Liverpool.

Did Robert live, but perhaps become a mariner, effectively making him invisible in many of the conventional records we rely on as family historians, like the census.

Ah, so many questions, and without a record of burial I cannot really rule out that he did live, marry and have children of his own. He may have even emigrated as a young man, meaning that by the time of the 1841 Census he had already moved away.

So many possibilities, but I think I will rule him as PFOD (Presumptive Finding of Death) and put him in a list of people I occasionally run searches on again to see if any more records have come to light.

Do you know anything about Robert Nimmo?