Transcriptions Galore! And a new found interest in the deaths of my dead people...

I recently ordered 50-odd transcriptions of information in the NSW BDM Registers that I have had on a wish list for years! My intention was always to get the certificates, but at $30 a pop, and with an ever growing wish list, that was a bit of a pipe dream (unless I miraculously became a millionaire).

So, I decided to go with a transcription agent instead, which is a much more economical path to the same information. Luckily, I decided to do it during Marilyn Rowan's Transcriptions Christmas sale and saved even more! Mum and I got together, expanded the wish list, and halved the cost of the transcriptions. Two-thirds of our order has arrived, and we have so much more information about our family!

Many of the items on my wish list were deaths, because earlier in my research that was the information I was least interested in. Now, my ancestor's deaths have me intrigued. Over the next few weeks I am going to showcase some of the interesting deaths I've discovered, hopefully you will find them just as interesting and the stories will inspire you to seek out some of those unknown deaths in your own family tree!