Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'm celebrating with my in-laws in Muscat, Oman where they have recreated a traditional English Christmas with turkey and ALL the trimmings. I won't be able to move for days after we partake of the feast being prepared as I type this post.

A traditional Christmas in the middle of a desert is quite poignant, especially considering one of the wise men (magi) who brought gifts to Jesus was quite possibly an Omani (the one who bought the frankincense). In fact, we bought frankincense from the souq (market) yesterday. Such wonderful smells were coming from the stalls, wafting over everything.

This Christmas, I have been sharing the research I have done on my in-laws ancestors as part of my presents. Has anyone else done this? Given their family history research as a gift? How did you present it? What worked and what didn't? Share below so we can all find better ways of giving the gift of genealogy to people who haven't yet caught the bug!